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Action Ear Hearing New Hartford NY
Robert Bishton, BC-HIS (Hearing Specialist) 
and Robert Zaccaria (Owner)
Action Ear Hearing New Hartford NY

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Thank you for considering Action Ear Hearing of New Hartford. You are probably here because you can’t hear your loved one or your loved one can’t hear you... is this correct? 

Hearing loss can be confusing. Unlike our vision - which is either clear (in focus) or not clear (out of focus), it is easy to tell if you need to have a vision test or new glasses. 

Many people do not seek help because they do not feel like they have a hearing loss but they know something is going on. They can't always understand their spouse or significant other. It's not that they can't hear them, it's that they just don't catch what they said... they did not understand them.  

Signs of a hearing loss is when people notice they need to be near the person talking, like only a few feet away or that they want the person to look at them when they are talking or how difficult it is when there are other ambient noises (background noise).

Suffering from hearing loss can be frustrating. Did you know most people who use hearing aids have improved social lives?  Yet  it generally takes 7 - 10 years after a person is aware that they aren't hearing well to actually take the step to seek help? 

Don't be that person!

The use of hearing aids is associated with reductions in anger, frustration, paranoia, anxiety and overall improvements in emotional stability. 

Great News! 
You DON’T have to deal with it.
We are here to help!

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New Hartford, NY

Robert Bishton, BC-HIS (Hearing Specialist)


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