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Customer Testimonials
Below are some comments/testimonials made by customers and visitors to Action Ear. If you would like to add your comments about your visit to Action Ear, please do so on our Visitor's Comment page

My mom suffers from extreme hearing loss. When fitting my mother with hearing aids, Robert Bishton took into account my mother's needs, age (85), and living environment. Although not perfect given the severity of my mom's hearing loss, Robert managed to bring my mom back into the hearing world. My mom and I can actually have nice conversation now. Thank you Robert for your persistence.

I also want to give a shout out to Ray, the office manager. He always manages to squeeze my mom into Robert's schedule for the occasional tune-up/cleaning, no matter how last minute I call for an appointment. 

Thank you Robert and Ray!

Bethany B.

Reaching the conclusion that I needed to get assistive hearing devices was not easy for many of the same reasons many of you are delaying your decisions. From the first visit, Rob (and Ray) helped me become comfortable with my decision and he ensured that I had the right device for my hearing deficiency. The real key for me realizing the full benefit of my hearing devices was the easy and accessible follow up appointments to make sure that they were comfortable to wear and that they were adjusted to fit my lifestyle and personal preferences. I have known people who have gone other places and after a short period of time, stop wearing the devices due to the "hassle" of dealing with the unfamiliarity with using and wearing this technology. I have a job that requires my attention and listening skills, and it is reassuring that I can now hear and engage on what is being said during my meetings.


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