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Hearing Aid Re-Branding

What is Hearing Aid Re-Branding?
Re-Branding is when a company buys a product from the manufacturer and puts their label on the product. It happens all the time in the business world. In the hearing aid world it happens as well. This makes it difficult for the consumer to compare apples to apples.

Some of the companies that are re-branded are: EarQ; Costco; Beltone; Miracle Ear and Audibel to name a few.
What the consumer may not realize is that these names are proprietary private labels and can only be purchased, programmed and repaired by the offices that sell them. They are re-branded aids from other manufacturers. The problem is, you become tied to that office or franchise, for the life of the hearing aid (programming can only occur with the private label's proprietary software) and you lose the flexibility to use another office. If you have Beltone device, you have to go to a Beltone office, whereas if you have a Unitron product or a Siemens product or a Phonak product, you may have more flexibility to go where you want if you move or are on vacation or perhaps do not like the dispenser.

Another point to consider is that the original parent companies do not release their newest technology to the re-branded label immediately. When the parent company develops a new model, the re-branded company won't be able to sell that technology until sometime down the road.
At Action Ear of New Hartford, we only dispense from the 
original manufacturer and always have the latest technology.


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