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Our Philosophy

Robert Bishton has nearly 25 years of experience working in the hearing healthcare field in the corporate environment.

We have a different approach here at Action Ear Hearing of New Hartford that isn't found at the big name hearing franchises.

As a small, independent practice, we have the time to focus on what is best for the patient. 

It is such a pleasure to be able to help people with hearing loss and to be able to do so at a cost that nearly everyone can afford. Hearing aids can be an expensive investment. Being a private practice, we can dispense a multi line of instruments of comparable or better quality for considerably less.

When you visit Action Ear Hearing of New Hartford and the appointment is completed, you as the patient, will have a full understanding of your hearing loss. If we feel we can help you and you decide you want our help, you will be involved in the decision and cost based on your lifestyle. Rest assured that we will always do what is right for you, the patient.

Untreated hearing loss can affect many aspects of a person's life. The hearing loss can put strain on the relationships they have with their family, friends and co-workers, as well as cause depression and social withdrawal.

We believe in treating all our patients with compassion and respect. We love getting to know you personally and often times, your family members, as well.  

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